get to know me

too many times in the past week even, I've heard the phrase from people: "really? you did that? you don't seem like the type."

ah come on people. what do you think of me? what kind of image of myself am I giving? I know, it seems like I am a real lazy fuck who just sits at his computer all day and chats on aim, surfs the internet for random funny articles, and later blogs about it. believe me, I've done much more interesting things than that in the past. those of you getting to know me now are catching me at my year off. this is the first year ever that I've had an excess of free time since the beginning of high school. so here are some random tidbits about me that you may or may not have known about me in no particular order:
-I went to Catholic school from 3rd to 8th grade
-I used to go camping all the time with my family, have been to Yosemite multiple times, hiked all the way up to Vernal Falls and other sites
-I have camped and hiked in multiple sites all over California
-I am a serial monogomist-I have 9 ex-girlfriends
-4 of those relationships are what I would consider to be "serious"
-I used to do the bay to breakers every year, a 10k run around San Francisco from since I was 6 till about the end of middle school
-One of those years, I did it in costume (I was a Simba walrus-don't ask how)
-I took piano lessons for 12 years
-I was part of my high school band as a percussionist and jazz pianist
-I've been to Japan with my high school jazz band
-I've written my own piano arrangements of three songs
-I was a percussionist in the UCLA symphonic band for one year
-I have probably participated in more than 900 community service hours in my college career
-I was once a director in 3 different community service groups-at once
-One of these groups entailed me the reponsibility of managing the schedules of 22 different seperate groups
-I have become quite avid at creating slideshows
-I've been carrying a camera around with me everywhere I go for the past 8 years...you never know you'll be able to take a picture of! 
-Yes, I used to lift weights and have a set workout program
-I was part of the community swim team when I was in middle school
-Yes, I used to be stylish
-I used to work a night shift (9pm-5am) security job at the dormitories, and I have stories to tell for years
-I used to have pet chickens...so yes I used to raise cocks. haha
-I used to wear a silver chain with a large pendant of the Chinese character "dragon" in high school
-My itunes library as of this moment has 15,674 songs, enough to last 47.1 days and takes up 68.54 gb of space, and continues to grow
 -Apparently, I bake a mean banana bread

I can't think of any more at the moment, but I'm just trying to prove a point: I wasn't always a lazy computer nerd.

"Whatever you do, don't fuck Mark Solomon."