Day 215

Your world was just turned upside down.


Day 208

Everyone else's greetings in the office had their names on this. I don't think my coworkers know my name:


Day 201

One nice thing about working with Google regularly is that whenever you visit their offices, they always provide food (even if does happen to be in miniscule portions)


Day 200

Despite the New York Giants Super Bowl victory parade not happening for another 16 hours, people were still lining up already:



Day 199

An appropriate meal for a Super Bowl:


Day 198

In my quest to visit all the major cities within a bus ride of NYC, I decided to take a quick day trip to sunny, sunny Pittsburgh (cause when you think of a hot touristy vacation spot, you obviously think Pittsburgh). Why there? I dunno. Cause it's there?My trip started off at the Duquense Incline, a historical Pittsburgh cable car incline up to the top of neighboring Mt. Washington.

As such, the top of the mountain offered oh so pretty views from a natural vantage point I thought didn't exist on the mostly flat East Coast.

I didn't realize Occupy was still going strong in some places:

And given that I had run out of things to do by 6pm there, I figured I might as well ride the incline up again at night.
Pretty, pretty views.


Day 197

The best for last, of course.