posting for the sheer hell of posting

In celebration of leap year (and just so I can have the rare date posted as "2/29"), I have decided to just write something.


"Come on! Turn that frown upside down and take a flyer from me!...(silence as 5 people pass her by)...oh God help me."
-As heard and seen on Bruin Walk


with my blog on my mind and my mind on my blog

as quoted by a friend of mine. Seems to make sense, yet I don't really follow that since most things in my mind aren't in my blog (and for good reason, sometimes).

I've just been horrendously busy, these past few weeks, and especially with the large scale 316 student high school conference that I had a hand in orchestrating. I lost sleep, I neglected my own schoolwork at times, I typed hundreds of names, thousands of papers, attended budget hearing after budget hearing, endured the bad moods and subsequent yelling at by fellow directors, friends, and student advisors...

and for what?

yeah, that's why.

"Wow. Your students are so...urban."
-an observer of PREP's 25th Annual Day In A Life High School Conference


let it be

So I've been thinking alot lately.

It was only a couple of weeks ago it began. I got the email, the call, the flight was booked, I made the trip, I saw the family, and then at 5 in the morning, I got the call. Nearly exactly one week later, it's finally over, so to say.

Or is it? The fact that this past week happened to be the busiest week of the quarter kept my mind off the reality of the situation. School does a good job of that for most emotional situations.

I came home again a few days ago. Spoke at the wake, lifted the casket, watched it as it slowly descended.

Being in the presence of my whole family also helped to alleviate the reality of the situation, yet again.

And so that brings me here, back LA, the land of my school and work, the home of my everyday life.

I think that's when it finally hit me. I think that's when I realized that a part of what I grew up has disappeared. Forget the fact that I moved miles away from my family, for the fact that my parents moved away from the place I called home. My grandmother, who spent years taking care of me as a child and who I spent an equal amount of time taking care of while she lived with us is, well, gone. It's difficult, because she was such a part of my everyday life when I was still at home.
But I know that she's better off where she is now. This is all an inevitability, and it is always bound to happen sooner or later.

I'm not going to try and sound all emotional, because this isn't the place for it.

Rather, I think I made a realization on the long drive home alone. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives we don't realize how far our heads are up our asses to realize that there is a world outside of what we do every day. I'll admit, I've been fairly self-involved as of late. But coming back to this, this grind, I realize that not all's the same. and it sucks.

Ok I'm babbling and not making any sense now. But it's my blog and I can cry if I want to.

On a lighter note, happy belated fucking valentine's day, you poor,lovesick fools. May your temporary engagement with your "significant" other end in a less emotionally scarring heartbreak. As for me, I'm never looking at that day the same again, and it won't even have to with anything remotely involving relationships.

Amazing, I actually finished an entry for a change.

"Okininam!" (the spelling is questionable, but that's what it sounded like...you Ilocano speakers probably know what I'm trying to say)


you will be missed.

Florenda Cuaresma Solomon
March 23rd, 1917 - February 10th, 2008
FLORENDA CUARESMA SOLOMON Peacefully at rest in San Bruno, CA on February 10, 2008 after a full life’s journey. Cherished mom, mom-in-law, grandma, sister, aunt, ‘Ninang’ and friend. A remarkably genuine and special soul with the kindest heart and loved by many. A.k.a. Florence, Flor or ‘Benang’ (Ben) to family and friends. A long-time San Francisco resident. Born in Bacnotan, La Union of the Ilocos Norte area of the Philippines on March 23, 1917. Beloved daughter of the late Vicente and Inocencia Hernandez Cuaresma. Preceded in death by her dear husband Nicholas Solomon. Loving mother of Boyd and wife Vida Solomon and to Roger Solomon. Devoted grandmother to her adored Eric, Mark and Melyssa Solomon. Beloved sister of late brothers Mariano, Carlos and ‘Phil’ Feliciano Cuaresma. And late sisters Rosa Fagel and Adela Tamayo. Survived by eldest sister Pastora Esperon of the P.I. and dear youngest sister Maria ‘Conchita’ Eugenio (Pablo) of San Francisco. Also survived by many loving nieces, nephews, relatives, extended family and friends. Attended Arellano University in Manila, P.I. studying business commerce and psychology. Employed during WW II at Point Poro U.S. Army Base at San Fernando, La Union in the P.I. as secretary to officers in support of highly classified military matters. Arrived and settled in San Francisco, CA in 1954 where she proudly raised her family. And one of the comadres of the original pioneer Filipino community in S.F.’s SoMa in the 1950’s. Florenda was also a homemaker, employed at an India Basin fish-packing cannery during that S.F. era, a home health aide to a family friend; and a California CNA, landing her employment at the newly opened S.F. Convalescent Center in the 1970’s. Florenda especially loved her grandchildren, children and siblings. She cherished and enjoyed the growing years and precious moments shared with all. She loved the comforts of her home, delighted in preparing her signature dishes, enjoyed traveling with family, cared for and dearly loved all her animal friends, and truly had a green thumb for gardening. Also gifted in the handcraft of crocheting done the Filipina way. Many special thanks to true angels who watched over Florenda the last 6 months. Ethel, Irene, Lucy and Coi at the C&C’s Care Home for their so endearing compassion and care. And to the staff, especially Joan Innes, RN of Pathways Hospice for her devoted attention and professional support. Thank you for a life of care, love and memories. It’s been a privilege of a lifetime for all of us. We will miss you very much and always keep you forever in our hearts. Family and friends are welcome to visit after 3pm, Thursday February 14. 2008 followed by a Rosary also on Thursday at 7:30pm and the Funeral Service on Friday February 15, 2008 at 9:15 am from the Chapels of Valente Marini Perata & Co., 4840 Mission St. San Francisco. A Funeral Mass will be celebrated at 10:00 AM at Our Lady of the Visitacion Church at 655 Sunnydale Ave, San Francisco. Committal to follow at Skylawn Memorial Park.

"Wow, it actually happened. Youre gone forever. I'll miss you always and I love you forever. <333"